Ben Fordham tests our ASV Pfree™ Puncture Free Tyres
  • December 5, 2018
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Ben Fordham recently visited our Villawood branch to test drive our ASV Pfree™ Puncture Free Tyres.

There was a lot of excitement buzzing at ASV for a rainy Wednesday, when Ben Fordham and his team from 2GB arrived. We had asked Ben to come and hear more about our incredible patent technology, that make punctures are a thing of the past.

To truly test how our puncture free tyres work, we invited Ben to drive our ASV Mercedes across a bed of 20, 6 inch nails and proceeded to take the car for a quick spin around the streets of Villawood.

As we already knew, 20 nails are no match for our puncture free tyres. No air pressure was lost and even on the wet road conditions, the punctures had no effect on the overall performance of the tyres. In the short term, but also over the life of the tyres, our tyres can continue to be driven on, with no long term effects from punctures.

To hear more about Ben’s experience with our puncture free tyres – tune in to Sydney Live on 2GB.

To find out more about our puncture free tyres visit our website.