Checklist: Is Your Car Holiday Ready?
  • December 13, 2018
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Before you head off on your summer holidays, you need to make sure your car is Holiday Ready!! Here is our checklist of what you need to do to help keep your family safe on your road trip this year.

Your car tyre safety is paramount. Before your long journey, make sure you check your car tyre pressure to make sure they are fully inflated. Most cars have the recommended air pressure on the inside of the driver’s door. We also recommend checking your spare tyre or run flat is ready in case of a puncture (unless of course you have our ASV P-free™ tyres, in which case you won’t need to worry about punctures at all!)

Now is the time to get any warning lights or niggles that your car has been having checked out. You may think it is nothing (and hopefully it isn’t) but best to get these looked at and tended to before you start on any long journey. You want to get to your destination and not be stranded somewhere halfway waiting on spare car parts at a remote mechanics workshop after your car has a breakdown mid journey!!

Find the dipstick under your hood, wipe it clean, dip it back in and then when you pull it back out again, you will be able to see what your oil levels are. If you are unsure, check your owner’s manual or head to your nearest petrol station and ask for assistance. Just like we need water, your car needs oil to run safely and healthily.


Over the summer as well as during long journeys, you need to keep your car running cool. Check your coolant levels and make sure you have enough. If in doubt – see a professional!

With the help of a friend or family member, double check that all your indicators, taillights, brake lights and headlights are working.

If your wipers are leaving marks or making scraping sounds in the wet weather, it’s probably time to replace the blades. Most blades can be replaced at your local car parts shop. All of our ASV Euro Car Parts branches stock a full range of Bosch wiper blades for all makes and models.

For all long journeys, it never hurts to have an emergency kit. Make sure you have some jumper leads, some rags, a torch, some water and some basic tools. If you’re travelling into more remote parts of Australia, it never hurts to have some energy bars and extra water just in case you are stranded for a bit longer than expected.

Wherever you go over the summer holidays (even if it is the local beach), we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.