• March 22, 2017
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We are excited to announce that we are bringing an innovative new tyre technology to Australia and intend to unveil our new brand, ASV P-freeTM, a puncture free tyre, at the Auto Aftermarket Expo in April this year. As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of new and used European spare parts across Australia we are proud to be launching our new product amongst our peers at the AAA Expo. 

ASV P-free Tyres ASV_P-free_V5

  • First time that puncture free tyre technology has been released into the Australian market.
  • Superior Innovation means that puncture damage to the tyre tread self-seals immediately
  • Offering a 3 year or 40 000 km warranty on tyres and a lifetime warranty on the gel application (which is what makes tyres puncture free).

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ASV P-freeTM tyres have been designed to eliminate the damage of punctures to tyre tread. The tyres have a self-sealing gel comprising of three essential ingredients, a thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing/extender oil. In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the gel application, which has the Australian Patent will immediately self-seal around the object that penetrates the tyre, even if the object becomes dislodged. After a puncture, the tyre remains inflated without dropping the tyre pressure, meaning there is no impact to driving or drivers safety.

With ASV P-freeTM, a puncture no longer means that you have to stop your car and change your tyre or attend to the damage. With ASV P-freeTM you can keep driving safely, with no impact on your driving performance, even when driving at higher speed limits and in a variety of climate conditions.

You can now take comfort in the knowledge that your tyres have mended themselves without you even stopping.
5911874978134587The tyres and tread on all ASV P-freeTM tyres offer the same, optimal driving performance and peace of mind you would expect from any luxury tyre that does not offer this superior technology and gel application.

Nationwide, we have over 500 000 quality used parts and 300 000 new parts and over 1000 vehicles in stock all year round and supply to both to the collision and mechanical industry as well as retail clientele. Recommended by many major insurance companies such as IAG, Suncorp, GIO, Alliance, Zurich and AAMI, we are one of the largest suppliers to Panel shops Australia wide.