Paramedical Joins the ASV P-free™ Family
  • February 19, 2019
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We are excited to announce that Paramedical has joined the ASV P-free™ family

As an emergency service vehicle, the paramedics of Paramedical not only don’t have time for a puncture, their patients lives can often depend on them arriving quickly and without delay. The team at Paramedical are regularly the onsite paramedic team at sporting and recreational events which often means, crossing hazardous ground with hidden, sharp objects. With ASV P-free™ tyres, they can confidently, move into event space without any concerns for their tyres.

Nobody wants to be pulled over on the side of the road changing a tyre. The risks of lying down on the hot bitumen on a summer afternoon or late at night when cars might not see you, is too high for anyone. However, for Paramedical, pulling over to change a tyre when transporting a patient is not only high risk to the person who is changing the tyre, but to the patient as well.

That is why we are so thrilled that the fleet of Paramedical vehicles are collectively being rolled into ASV P-free™, our puncture free tyres.  With ASV P-free™ there is no need to replace or repair the tyre after a puncture.

In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the gel application will immediately self-seal around the object that penetrates the tyre, even if the object becomes dislodged. After a puncture, the tyre remains inflated without dropping in pressure, meaning there is no impact to driving or drivers safety. For the lifetime of the tyre.