Repairing a Tyre & The Risk of A Blowout
  • November 27, 2017
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If you repair a tyre puncture, does it increase the risk of a blowout?
The most common cause of a tyre blowout is the sudden separation of the various layers of the tyre. In a blowout, all the air in the tyre is immediately released from the tyre. There are many reasons for this to occur, from a manufacturing fault to a sudden large impact from hitting a kerb or obstacle. Many blowouts are also caused by a small, previously unnoticed puncture that allows the tyre to slowly lose air over time. Whatever the cause, when traveling at high speeds, a blowout can be disastrous.

With any normal car tyre, a small puncture, if not repaired correctly could potentially replicate a similar result over a period of time and the chances of a blowout will increase. Hence, most reputable tyre stores and fitters will not repair a tyre for a third time.

The reason for this is the sealing of the wound. Even a conventional repair with glue and a plug could result in repeated tyre failure. There is no way of testing the repair between outer tread and inner casing. This means that in the case of a mushroom repair the head could have formed a perfect seal so no air loss, however the wound may not have sealed around the stem potentially allowing water vapour and small particles to work their way into the tyre. Ultimately, increasing the risk of a blowout.

This is where our ASV Pfree tyre technology is different; removing the object not only seals the wound but also fills the void left by the intrusion. So our repair system is the equal or better than any current repair method.

Although statistically unlikely, with ASV Pfree, you can in fact have multiple punctures to the same tyre and it will still be roadworthy and your blowout chances have not been increased. There is of course the additional bonus that after a puncture you do not have to take your tyre to be “repaired”. Your ASV Pfree tyre is road worthy even after the object has been removed from the puncture and you can keep on rolling.