Car recycling
What is car recycling and why is it so important?
  • October 22, 2018
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There can be a lot of confusion about what is car recycling and why it is important for consumers and the environment.

Every year half a million End of Life Vehicles (ELV) are needed to be disposed of. Approximately 75% of ELV can be recycled and these auto parts can be reused continuously. It is important for future sustainability to ensure these vehicles are recycled adequately and care is taken in the disposal process. Not only does it help the environment, but it gives cash back to consumers and employs local industries.

Auto Recycling

At ASV Euro Car Parts, every part possible of the ELV is salvaged to ensure that the majority of the vehicle can be recycled. This includes liquids, batteries, metal parts, tyres and even the smallest of electrical wires. It is important that all car parts are separated properly before what remains of the car is crushed to ensure no harmful chemicals leak into the environment.

A few examples of what we recycle and why includes:

The recycling of waste oils prevents harmful substances being dumped into landfill.
1. Lead acid car batteries have the potential to leak sulphuric acid and lead into the environment. Recycling them prevents contamination of the environment.
2. Using recycled batteries also means the production of new batteries is more efficient, cost effective and prevents the use of natural resources.
3. Dumping or burning of tyres creates large amounts of landfill and air pollution each year, whereas when removed correctly and recycled, these can be reused for insulation blocks.
4. Crushed steel can be further sold and reused in the production of new vehicles and steel-based products.

ASV Euro Car Parts and car recycling

We employ a team of expert dismantlers here at ASV Euro Car parts. They are able to use their extensive mechanical experience combined with their years of knowledge in dismantling cars to ensure that all responsibility is taken during the car recycling process. We have a state of the art fluid recovery system (pictured above) which we use at the initial stage of every ELV recycling process. Fuels, oil, coolant, brake fluid and ac gas is all recovered safely and recycled accordingly before the vehicle is strategically dismantled for parts to re-use. Great care is always taken when dismantling ELVs. We ensure the best environmental outcome for these used cars. As well as sourcing and making available the best value and high quality parts are then available on the marketplace for consumers. We take great pride ensuring that all parts are given the chance to be reused in another vehicle or recycled correctly.

ASV Euro Car Parts are proud to practice due diligence in promoting corporate social responsibility with regards to recycling.