Responsible Recycling

Euro Car Parts practices due diligence in promoting corporate social responsibility with regards to recycling.

Once a damaged or End of Life Vehicle (ELV) arrives at our premises for dismantling, we are as methodical and careful to dismantle a vehicle as manufacturers are in assembling a new vehicle.

Euro Car Parts’ dismantling process is a detail-driven one, where each vehicle is handled by a specialist in an eco-friendly manner, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Utilising Pinnacle Professional, the most progressive software system available to the automotive recycling industry, a vehicle is entered into our nationwide inventory with full tracking ability for quality, color and location. Unique stock numbers with several photographs are available to be viewed by all users to determine what possible parts are left to be disassembled on any vehicle.


Function control & fluid drainage
Storage of complete vehicles
Testing & quality control
Parts inventory
Storing parts
Sales processing
Final quality control dispatch & delivery