ASV May 2020
ASV News – What We Are Seeing In The Market
  • May 14, 2020
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We are so pleased to see how well Australia has responded to our efforts to flatten the curve. We’ve had positive news with the national cabinet’s announcement of a three-stage road map to the easing of lockdown restrictions last Friday and following on, state governments across the country have detailed what this will mean for us all.

Consumer Confidence Returns

At ASV our team have been on the frontline supplying our customers – who have remained open to ensure that Australians can safely continue to travel and have access to essential goods and services – with the parts they require. We have been encouraged speaking with mechanics, repairers and services that their businesses have been able to remain open and that consumer confidence is returning each week with more and more people booking in their cars for scheduled servicing and repairs. We want to congratulate all of our customers on the lengths they have gone to to ensure customers feel safe and confident bringing their cars in for work. We all had to adapt quickly and we are proud to be part of that journey with our customers.

European Suppliers are Opening Their Doors

It has been terrific catching up with our Italian and German suppliers and to hear that they have all started opening their doors again for business. They are starting to bring back their workers to their factories and warehouses after being in solid lockdown for many weeks. Their enthusiasm is matched by their efficiency and they have already begun to start packing and shipping containers to Australia.

No Shipping Delays

Production in China is ramping up and our orders are getting processed and shipped. We are pleased to report that we are expecting no delays with shipping and they are all arriving on time. We’ve even been in contact with Australian ports and they are all reporting that there will be no delays with shipments from China or Europe. Sydney port in particular is very busy but operating well.

Demand for used is increasing

We are seeing a demand for used collision body parts increasing and expect this trend to continue for some time. New parts supplies have been tighter and in turn, with this shortage, the collision repair market is having to turn to used parts. This is largely due to a lot of the dealer networks shutting down for a window of time.

Used Parts Don’t Mean Compromised Parts

At ASV, a used part does not mean that the part is compromised or lesser in quality. We ensure the highest quality of all our parts. To do this, we purchase all our vehicles from reputable insurance companies and we only hire the most experienced dismantlers. They are responsible for handling each car as it comes in and they individually dismantle the vehicle ensuring that all quality parts are removed, packaged and stored in our warehouses. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure the parts are protected so they are ready for shipment to our customers. your buying reputable insurance companies.