ELVs and Responsible Recycling
  • July 1, 2019
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End-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are a significant contributor to Australian waste each year. Every year over 750,000 vehicles in Australia reach the end of their life. However currently, Australia does not have a national policy dealing with ELVs. Unlike Australia, countries such as Germany, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom and Norway have all got regulated ELV policies in place.

Although Australia has no national policy regarding ELVs, ASV Euro Car Parts is proud to be recognised for our responsible recycling of auto parts.


As the number of ELVs continues to increase across Australia, automotive recyclers need to continue to ensure that the maximum proportion of the ELV is being recycled. From the fluids we drain and reuse from each car to the materials we remove, resell or dispose of responsibly. Every part of the ELV must be carefully handled to ensure that the maximum proportion of the vehicle is recycled or repurposed.


We are proud to be one of the first auto recyclers in Australia to have earned the NSF International’s automotive recycler certification. NSF International’s automotive recycler certification program confirms an automotive recycler’s ability as a recycler to meet criteria, labelling and traceability, as well as federal, state and local recycler requirements. The NSF program helps insurers, regulators and consumers identify certified recyclers that comply with business, licensing, reporting, environmental and safety requirements as well as operations requirements for vehicle acquisition, dismantling, equipment, parts storage, customer service and sales.


Our team at ASV Euro Car Parts work hard to make sure we are equipped with the latest technologies in the automotive industry. This is to ensure we maintain the highest standards of auto recycling practices.


We only hire and train the best automotive dismantlers. It is imperative that employees are aware of the legislative requirements and trends that are emerging worldwide. Even though there is no ELV legislation in Australia at present, it is likely that this will happen in time. At ASV Euro Car Parts, we make sure that we are following best global practice for responsible recycling of ELVs.


The number of ELVs is increasing across the globe. The automotive industry is working hard to re-skill their workforce and create awareness to be conscious of the environment. This is now happening through each phase of the automotive design process. If we are thinking about our responsibility from the beginning of the design phase, we can ultimately minimise the environmental impact at the end of the vehicles’ lives and provide a more sustainable future.