Tesla Car Parts Now Available
  • December 7, 2022
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IN 2020, ASV Euro Car Parts executive team made a decision to expand our current offering. We expanded from being a one stop shop for European cars and introduced the Tesla brand to our suite of vehicles we wreck and provide parts for.
It was a big decision but here’s more insight why from CEO Vic Soghomonian:

ASV have lived and breathed European makes since you first opened your doors. Why introduce Tesla to your suite of brands?
European vehicles are for us, are the superior make of cars on the road. They represent luxury, high quality, performance and design.
We ultimately decided to start dismantling and working with Tesla because they first and foremost represent or have the same qualities as European cars.
We are also acutely aware that the world is moving towards electric vehicles. Consumers want cars that are kinder to the environment and with soaring petrol prices, they are looking EVs.
Volvo, Volkswagen, Mercedes, they are all heading in this direction. Tesla just happens to be leading the way and we want to be leaders too. We want to be on the front foot of this EV revolution and have the stock for our customers.

Is there already a market for Tesla parts?
Absolutely! In fact, demand is booming. In particular the Models S and X. They move as soon as we’ve dismantled them. In particular Tesla batteries are in high demand but as a general observation, the need for Tesla parts, especially as more and more of them are on our roads, is huge.

Who are your Tesla Customers?
We have long term, established relationships with most of the mechanics and smash repairers who are now Tesla approved and trained. They of course know ASV and trust us. So we made a point when we chose to introduce the Tesla brand to evolve with our existing customers as they move into this EV and Tesla qualified space. We also have a lot of private customers purchasing parts. We have customers who ring for one part and end up taking several parts. As I mentioned above, the demand is huge.

Are electric vehicles going to be a focus for ASV going forward?
Of course! They have to be. With the upward trend of electric vehicles on our roads, the demand is increasing every day. We have been dismantling EV’s since they first came to Australia in fact we have two of the latest Mercedes models sitting in our yard today, waiting to be dismantled. EV’s are the way of the future and ASV are 100% committed to ensuring that we adapt, and evolve to meet the demands and needs of our customers and the vehicles and parts they need.