The Benefits of using Recycled Parts in Mechanical & Collision Repairs
  • October 6, 2020
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In 2020, the impact of Covid-19 has meant that the demand of Recycled Original Equipment (ROE) in the auto repair industry has increased. With delays from the replacement part supply chain coming from overseas, along with increased costs of some new parts, the availability and affordability of ROEs for repairers can ensure that quality repairs can be done in a timely manner.

ASV Euro Car Parts provide high quality used recycled parts that are a viable, affordable, low-cost alternative for auto trade, insurer and retail vehicle repairs.

Some of the most common reasons why it is ideal for repairers to use replacement recycled auto parts include:


Buying replacement parts that have been recycled and tested for quality can save the repairer up to 50% when compared to buying new equivalent parts.


Reconditioned and recycled auto parts are cleaned, checked and tested by our highly qualified dismantling team. This ensures quality parts are both safe and fit for purpose in vehicle repairs, Australia-wide. Good quality recycled auto parts made to Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) specification, are safe and fit for purpose in vehicle repairs.


Out stock inventory is extensive and can be readily accessed to locate parts for all European car makes and models. Parts can be expressed shipped across Australian without delays. In particular with older European vehicles, when new replacement parts are no longer available, recycled parts ensure availability for the replacement part. Helping you get your customer back on the road and your workshop


Quality automotive recyclers will offer limited warranties on recycled and reconditioned used car parts. This warranty can set your mind at ease when purchasing recycled replacement parts.


Re-use of quality recycled auto parts reduces waste of end of life vehicles (ELVs) and the need for new OEM parts to be manufactured. Both of these significantly contribute to improving our environmental impact. Automotive recyclers play an important role within the automotive industry by reusing parts, de-polluting vehicles by removing oils, fuels, batteries, CFCs, and airbags, as well as preparing ELV for metal recycling.