What do a Tesla driver, Race Car Driver & Miner all have in Common?
  • July 14, 2020
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It’s been 3.5 years since ASV Euro Car Parts introduced ASV P-free™ Puncture Free Tyres to the Australian market. To say they have taken us on a joy ride is an understatement.

Our tyres have travelled far and wide. They are now spread across Australian vehicles from the mines in Perth and the race tracks of Western Sydney, to the newest Teslas cruising the Melbourne CBD.

Our customers were looking for an alternative on the tyre market so that they no longer needed to worry about costly punctures, finding room for a spare tyre, and the dangers of changing a tyre on the side of the road. Whilst all vastly different, they all have one thing in common, they needed a high performance tyre, that won’t let them down.

We’ve let our race drivers put the tyres to the test on the tracks – both wet and dry – and the trucks in the mines are conquering water, mud, shrapnel, shale and rock. At every pressure test, our tyres have out performed any pre-expectations our potential customers may have had. The market feedback has been so positive, that we are now providing fleets of emergency service vehicles including Paramedical Services Australia with ASV P-free™ tyres to ensure they can safely transport patients without the added worry of a puncture.

Competitively priced against other high performance tyres, ASV P-free™ tyres are made of a self-sealing gel, comprising of thermoplastic elastomer, resin and a rubber processing/extender oil. When they are punctured by a sharp object, the gel application seals itself around the foreign object and remains there even if the item is removed or falls out of its own accord. This means that the tyre remains inflated without losing pressure. The tyre will remain inflated even after a puncture, for the complete life of the tyre. There is no need to ever repair or replace that tyre. This is an Australian-Patented design and unlike any other tyre or puncture solution on the market in Australia.

Just like other Aussie innovators before us, we are like proud parents watching these tyres earn their stripes as a serious contender on the Australian tyre market.